Saturday, June 29, 2013

Horizons Beyond Seeing

"Imagine this: You're looking at the horizon of your life and spot your future self coming back toward your present self. Strangely, that as-yet-unfamiliar person gives you only a slight smile and heads to the opposite horizon. There, the 'future you' meets your past persona, gives you a hug and a weeping 'Thanks.' The future you now retraces steps and comes back here, back to now. This time, the hug and 'Thanks!' are for you, with one addition: The future you extends a hand and says softly, 'Come on ahead with me.' You grasp your own hand and stride toward the horizon.

"That's what's going to be happening to you, now that you've decided to embark on global travel. You know this, don't you? Nothing's ever going to be the same. What you'll experience in your coming travel--including getting ready--will forever change your ways of seeing, eating, 'helping' and conversing. Your sense and conscience will be sharpened, your sense of life purpose will unravel and become more certain, both at the same time. Your new weepings will come from both deep joy and deep sorrow.

"Welcome forward, friend!..."

-Excerpt from Welcome Forward: A Field Guide For Global Travelers which was put out by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA!).

I think in some ways that is how many new experiences are for us. I know that in my life some of the things I have feared the most have been the best experiences. In less that 2 months I will begin my year long journey of living among the people of Mexico. I pray that when my future-self looks back at my present-self it will be with a smile, a thanks, and a comforting hand to do it all over again!

I thank all of my family and friends in advance for joining in the journey with me :)

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