Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Newsletter (Site Placement Update)

Monday through Friday I work as a volunteer with a consultation group called Sarar Transformatción. They work with issues involving water, sanitation and closing the nutrient cycle in various parts of Mexico, Latin America and the world. I have been able to participate with el equipo in many different ways: working in the office, observing and helping with workshops in surrounding schools and even getting outside to plant lettuce in the garden! 

At the same time, I am learning a lot about the logistics of working in an office and my understanding of different types of water and sanitation systems continues to deepen. I also hope that my professional Spanish is slowly getting better! My coworkers have been great guides as I learn more about my new home and continue to have moments of “Spanish struggle.” They have taken me under their wings and I am very thankful for their friendship. 

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