Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Since the beginning of November I have only seen precipitation fall from the sky two or three times- all during the day and all for short periods of time. 

This last year I saw probably more rain than my whole life. In North Carolina we had all that rain (at least 3 weeks where we didn’t have a day without rain) and then I moved to Mexico during the RAINY SEASON. And now... its just so dry. 

I started to hear the rain fall and I didn’t believe it. Sometimes when the firecrackers for fiestas are set off and then the cars drive down my cobble stone hill it sounds like rain (believe it or not!!) but this time it was real!

I went and sat downstairs under an awning just to smell the rain and feel the breeze that came with it. Today it was over 90 degrees as it has been all week. Tonight it was beautiful, cool and perfect. 

It hasn’t really rained in 5 months. And when I arrived 7 months ago that is all it did! Tonight there was something about the rain that reminded me of my first days here. Of getting soaked while visiting Teotihuacan, helping Anna return home in our flood streets (because well they turn into rivers whenever it rains!) and having a storm come down on those of us gathered at my host families house during evening prayers. And I remember so many other memories with rain: stomping in puddles with my best friends, dancing in the rain as a child.... 

We still have a few more months of dry season left, but... IT RAINED TODAY!!!! :) and I can smell it :)

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