Sunday, September 29, 2013

La familia

Llevo tres semanas aqui en mi trabajo y con mi familia tepozteca. For three weeks now I have called Tepoztlán home. 

And I have to apologize because I am still struggling with this blog thing! The one thing I thought I would be very motivated to work on... is proving to be very difficult! But I’m here now and I’m not leaving the computer until I have a entry!

I think today I would like to share with you some things about my wonderful family. With all of us together we are 11 people. Whenever we talk about going somewhere together they say, “Somos un tribo.” “We are a tribe.” And apparently according to Tepoz tradition, if you invite one of us somewhere... we are ALL free to attend! And there are a lot of festivals here in Tepoztlán. I have only been here 3 weeks and the first weekend was the celebration of the christian baptism of the tepozteco king, the second weekend was Independence day weekend, the third weekend was my aunt's birthday and a baptism celebration at the neighbor’s, this weekend was the Dia de Elotes (corn) on Saturday and the celebration of San Miguel today. Then next weekend is a big birthday party for Tadeo who is turning two. I’ve also attended three birthday dinners. When I first arrived they told me that it is always a fiesta here in Tepoz. They weren’t joking!

So yes there has been a lot of comida de fiesta or celebration food! But besides that I have felt welcomed and loved in this new place. I have been taken in as a member of the family and I know that I have people looking out for me. I am surrounded by my Tepozteca host mom, three host aunts/sisters, and an uncle/brother. Then with the “kids” there is Tadeo who will be turning 2, Angie 4, Dariana 13 and Herme who just started college. Also two extranjeros that are like grandparents as well (and with whom I can speak english!), and then myself. 

With members of the family I have climbed to the top of tepozteco for the evening celebration, climbed to the cascades, watched Tadeo ride in the Independence day parade, learned to make cappuccinos, played a lot of UNO, and danced. Oh yes, I must share with you about dancing! Three days a week we have had a family friend come to the house to teach us. In the courtyard members of the family and community are learning to dance Cumbia. What a better way to spend the evening than dancing with the family?! :)

The view from the rooftop (where I dry my laundry)

Our first night in Tepoz,
Herme helped Gabe and I climb to Tepozteco for the evening celebration

Reenactment in el zocalo (center of town) 

Roasting Elotes (corn on the cob)
Sept 28th is the Dia de Elotes
(But I think I've had roasted elote at least 6 times since I've been here)

Angie :)

Tadeo riding in the Independence Day Parade

Independence Day

At the Casacadas with Dariana

Dariana, Herme & Me
We made it to the Cascadas and higher :)

There have been some difficult and homesick days (that maybe I’ll write about later), but over all I have been blessed with the presence of some amazing people who have taken me in as their own and begun to share their lives with me. For that I am eternally grateful. 

I shall try to write again soon. Perhaps I’ll talk about my volunteering or so many other things I have to share, if I can just get myself to write!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! It is great to see some pictures and hear about your beginning experiences. Continue to enjoy the sounds, tastes, smells, sights, and people around you.

  2. me too! Love what you are doing!!! Class act!