Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carmel Rolls

Carmel Rolls. 

Need I say more... 

Mom sent me a picture of all the baked goods she was making for the Mt. Olive 5K and instantly I knew that I wanted to make carmel rolls. Now the interesting thing is that those who have lived with me know that I really don’t ever bake. I just munch off my roommates’ baking frenzies. Well in the absence of Hannah’s, Elizabeth’s and Mom’s wonderful yummies... I discovered I wanted to bake! Its something I can do that brings the taste of home here. Since most of my food is prepared for me, it also allows me to feel like I have some of my food independence back. Lastly, I get to share my favorites with those around me who are always sharing their favorites with me!

In an article shared by another YAGM it talked about how “planning a trip” is something that can make you really happy (even if you don’t actually take the trip). Its the anticipation. (Article. Simple Thing #8 that will make you happy) For me it was planning on making these rolls that made me really happy. I talked about and planned this Saturday of baking for a long time! It was the excitement of planning it and finding all the random things I needed that gave me something productive to do and something great to look forward too. Even though it seemed almost impossible at first to describe corn syrup, with the help of various friends and the family, I didn’t fail at my first attempt at making mom’s carmel rolls by myself. Quite the accomplishment I would say! Things YAGM does to us... like turning me into someone who wants to bake. :)

I have some left over flour... I’m already thinking about my next adventure!

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  1. you write beautifully! Really enjoy this. Thanks for adding me!